Written in 2024

The Economy Is Fake
Why the economy is fake and how to fix it.

The Source
A short meditation on the creation of the universe.

Follow Your Intuition
An argument for the importance of intuition.

Thinking About Thinking
What exactly is thinking and where do thoughts come from?

The Magical World
A defense of the beauty of our universe.

Subconscious Warfare
How we constantly suffer subconscious attacks

How companies profit from distracting you.

Being Normal
What is normal and is it good to be normal?

The Strong and the Weak
How should the strong deal with the weak and do we treat the weaker ones well?

Written in 2023

Everything Must Be Efficient
Why does everything have to be so efficient these days?

My Asceticism
How I practice my personal form of asceticism.

Life Without a Smartphone
How I have been living without a smartphone for over 3 months.

Being Nature
What does it mean to be a part of nature?

Don't Forget Yourself
Don't forget to think about your own needs in these tumultuous times.

A Natural Life
A summation of things I do to live more with and in nature.

Why Nature Is Disappearing
An explanation of why nature is disappearing and how we can fix this.

The Soul
A brief dive into the CIA's Stargate Project and my thoughts on whether we have a soul.

What It Means to Be Alive
What does it mean to be alive and how to live your life the way you want.