Why it is ethical to block ads

Companies are subverting our minds and they do this through ads. The advertising industry is not harmless, it relies on the exploitation of people who do not consent to being exploited.

It perpetuates harmful stereotypes, attempts to reinforce or change social norms to their liking, creates false needs and manipulates people's emotions, desires and behaviour.

It preys on people's insecurities and exploits vulnerable groups. It's designed to make people feel incomplete without a particular product or service. This is not just an unethical practice, but it is also harmful to our mental health and well-being.

An example of how the advertising industry works. A website tracks someone's online behaviour through cookies or javascript and sells this information to companies which are specialized in reselling personal data.

They compile all his personal data in a demographic group they have decided he fits in for other companies to buy. Afterwards all his personal info is sold to advertisers who then force him to watch their personalized ads, specifically selected for him.

Buying and selling personal data and putting these in harmful and often discriminatory demographic groups is a daily practice for these companies.

Blocking this out of our lives through not making use of a service that forces ads on us, or by using a service to block these ads, with an adblocker for example, is not just the right thing to do, but also a moral duty towards ourselves.

We have, and should continue to have, the power to resist their manipulative tactics. We can send a message to the advertising industry that we will not be complicit in their exploitative practices.